IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT send any payments to the Bank account that was used for the original Membership Joining Fees.

New bank account details:

Acc no: 67397568
Sort code: 30-96-26
Acc name: Tee Rific Golf Society

The Forums Section of the Website are now active.

Can people please register and start making use of it. The more people who use it the better it’ll be.

Only a few more photos needed for the Members section now. Can any outstanding members please post a photo of themselves on the WhatsApp Chatroom so we can populate the Members page.


Ok please take your time to read this message and have a think about it

As you know April and May’s society days come thick and fast…

Now some of you may be worried about the costs of 3 society days close together.

So far 7 people have paid their fee’s for Oundle and have secured their places

We would hate it for any of you guys to miss out because you couldn’t afford to pay for 3 days in a short period of time so we wish to help…

We have decided that just for those 3 days we will take a £10 deposit per society day from any player wishing to play on that day to secure your place.

You then have till the week prior to the society date to pay the remainder of the green fee

You can pay it all in one go or instalments…whichever suits your situation best.

Hopefully this will take the sting out of finding the money to play

From the 1st of June we will go back to the original system of taking June’s fee’s by the 1st of June

This offer is open to all members and is not dependent on how many days you wish to play
1…2…or …all 3

Its your choice

If you wish to take up this offer then just pay your £10…£20…or £30 deposit into the society account and put in “reference” deposit and date’s of days you’ve paid deposit for

For the balance payments just follow the same system
Ref…society date paid for

Have a think over this and if you have any questions feel free to message Paul, Brian or Hotch

For Three Locks and Rushden we will be collecting any outstanding fee’s by May 1st

Please keep these dates in mind when paying your fee’s so you don’t miss out

"For the members, by the members"