2022 The Birdie League

Throughout the year we will be running a Birdie League. This runs separately to the Order Of Merit Table

Like the Order of Merit, The Birdie League will be based on the best 6 scores from the season.

Only Par 4’s and Par 5’s are included as scoring for The Birdie League.

Scores are based on Net scores enabling players of all abilities to gain points.

In the event of a Tie at the end of the season the player with the most points in any one event will be deemed the Leader.

1Darren Pilsbury 23.932569458
2Mark Pancoust23.723529246
3Ian Hotchin 26.12246565
4Steven Duncan 11.42144854
5Brian Wells 23.620411153
6Jordan Tweedale24.7173665
7Nigel Metcalfe 7.3153537
8Noel Kellegher 43.2153636
9Paul Ward 28.41543426
10Jamey Keeber18.51544443
11Cliff Jukes 28.414514351
12Greville Ireland 15.1134265
13Jonothan Curtis 17.8123372
15Gurjit Rupal 33.211247
14Pete Nightingale 19.3113533
16Luke Aubrey 20.610291
17Luke Wilson238280
18Tony Greenhill9.3717
19Lee Atkinson226206
20Peter Maniford 18.663222
21Adrian Walsh16.1616
22Barry Curtis 22.8515
23Kevin Everett17515
24Kevin White20515
25Mark Wellington17.2543020
26Ian Caffell9.9515
27Colin Wells28.3313
28Hinesh Parmar18212
29Stewart Fowler 18111
33Craig Walsh19.9010
30Simon Goldie 20.500
31Mandela Govera 23.800
32Spencer Mbangarama11.700

Points are awarded as follows:

Net ScorePoints
Hole in 14

"For the members, by the members"