2023 Birdie League

Throughout the year we will be running a Birdie League. This runs separately to the Order Of Merit Table

Like the Order of Merit, The Birdie League will be based on the best 6 scores from the season.

Only Par 4’s and Par 5’s are included as scoring for The Birdie League.

Scores are based on Net scores enabling players of all abilities to gain points.

In the event of a Tie at the end of the season the player with the most points in any one event will be deemed the Leader.

1Cliff Jukes 2737861585762
2Darren Pilsbury 21.1359363747183
3Mark Pancoust20.931827934353
4Paul Shane35.7289339651222
5Lee Atkinson25.1289347238231
6Mark Shane21.4288344252102
7Ian Hotchin 26.9289444404475
8Tony Pilsbury29.22686232564
9Noel Kellegher 46.6266780614
10Kevin Osborne25.42481584510
11Steve Duncan 9.918572252
12Andrew Farrimond13.9173674
13Jordan Tweedale24.71732114
14Gary Twiselton101745525
15Carl Furr21.2156232440
16Colin Wells28.61545352
17Jamey Keeber20.3143473
18Brian Wells 25.214554230
19Peter Maniford 19.212544310
20Tony Hill23.8113344
21Jon Ryall17.8113371
22Michael Furr38818
23Mark Wellington17.4842213
24Luke Aubrey 18.4616
25Craig Walsh19.9616
26Pete Nightingale 21.9525
27Barry Curtis 22.4313
28Mark Tremeer28313
29Stewart Fowler 19212
30Greville Ireland 15.5111
31Steve Spong18.2111

Points are awarded as follows:

Net ScorePoints
Hole in 14

"For the members, by the members"